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How we started...

With a 3rd generation manufacturing background, it's built in to our DNA to always be looking for ways to do things better. We just weren't ok with seeing patio after patio, residential or commercial, restaurant and bars, with TV protection devices that were nothing more than cheap plastic cases with a plexiglass coverings that are well known to quickly and easily scratch. Even worse they were always mounted to the face of a wall or a bracket with it's wires completely exposed. This really took the term "eyesore" to a new level... This was not the ideal look we had in mind for our customers for their outdoor patio and pool area projects. So in 2017 the idea of Enduring Enclosures was born!


We designed and built enclosures in 7 common LED TV sizes that can handle the harshest of elements, We've tested our enclosures in rain, ice, snow with no effects on the HD display inside. Our enclosures are strong enough to be built directly into your stone, stucco, and brick walls. You can now view your HD displays through real, single pane, tempered glass while being able to mount our enclosure directly into the wall for a permanent, and amazing flush appearance of  your outdoor entertainment areas.


So after years of design, engineering, concepting, testing, and patenting... The world is ready for Enduring Enclosures.

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